The Soaring Trajectory of the Global Gold Price
The gold price continues its remarkable ascent in 2024, defying expectations and reaching unprecedented heights. Since December 2023, the precious metal has been scaling new peaks, demonstrating its resilience amidst economic uncertainties. Its latest surge, spurred by remarks from the Federal Reserve, has propelled it to yet another historic milestone.
Gold Price, Supply and Demand in 2024

The gold market in 2024 is shaped by a combination of economic factors and geopolitical tensions, offering both challenges and opportunities for investors. This article delves deeper into the phenomenon of de-dollarization and provides detailed forecasts for gold prices, offering insights and strategies for navigating this complex landscape.

Bullish Outlook and Forecast…

Gold Rally: Investor Sentiment and Market Dynamics

Gold reached a historic milestone on March 7, 2024, surpassing its previous peak set in December of the preceding year. The precious metal soared to approximately $2,140 per ounce, signaling sustained and robust interest in gold as a reliable safe-haven asset. Despite this significant surge in price, there was an unexpected lack of enthusiasm from both the media and retail investors, except for…