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    Krugerrand is one of the most famous and sought-after investment coins in the world. This is the first currency for investment, minted specifically so that gold can be bought by private investors. The profitability of investments is determined by the high quality and liquidity of the coin. It is made of 22-carat gold, corresponds to 1,0909 troy ounces.


    Krugerrand appeared on July 3, 1967 in South Africa. At that time, it was considered an official means of payment, and the sale was carried out with a very small margin. The coin got its name by combining two words: Kruger - the surname of the President of South Africa, who was re-elected 4 times, the state leader and national hero. It is his profile that is minted on the obverse. Rand is the currency of the Republic of South Africa.

    In the 80th year, the investment coin of South Africa occupied almost 90% of the total world sales of precious metals. Then the coin began to be minted in other weight ratios: half and one tenth of an ounce. A few years later, South Africa fell under sanctions and lost the opportunity to sell its gold on the world market. This was used by the mints of other states, releasing their own investment assets.

    Only in 1994, Krugerrand again appeared on sale. But even despite the already established high competition, he quickly took a leading position in the world market. To this day, this gold coin is considered in demand and revered not only among investors, but also among collectors.


    Krugerrand is a very profitable investment. So many liquid coins exist in the world. In the online store KALITA.GOLD gold "Krugerrand" can be bought at the optimal price. We guarantee high quality and authenticity of copies. You can also contact us for the sale of precious metal products.

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